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I Don’t Think I Like Me Anymore

Welcome!! I’m Susan Lawrenz.

And I have said that to myself. A lot in fact.

Until I learned the tools to change that mindset.

My goal here is to show you how it’s possible to completely transform yourself when you don’t even know where to start. The truth is – you are SPECIAL and CAPABLE of doing ANYTHING that you set your mind to! Sometimes you just need a nudge tp get moving.

Have you ever said to yourself:

I don’t like who I’ve become

  • The truth is you are special, No one can ever be you, or replace you.
  • I hear you. I’ve said it myself. I’ll show you how to quiet that negative voice in your head.

I’m too old to change my bad habits

  • I promise, you are never too old to make changes, especially if they are positive changes
  • I will give simple and easy to implement strategies to help you become the person you know you are meant to be
  • Nothing happens overnight. But one day at a time, one step at time, you CAN DO THIS

I can’t afford to make changes

  • Living on a budget? Me too! Let me show you how!
  • A lot of the things I will show you cost nothing. Promise!



Please let me take a minute to share why I am so passionate about personal transformation. In the past year, I have completely taken charge of my health, physical fitness and mental well-being. I have never felt better about myself or my life, and I am compelled to share what I’ve learned. I can say that the hardest thing for me was to admit that I wanted to change, and then take the first step. It breaks my heart to see people struggle with where they are, because they aren’t sure which steps top take to get to where they want to go.

In addition to this, I am happily married to my knight in shining armor, and together we travel the United States in our RV, living our dream to experience the different cultures that make up this Nation.






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